seo services

SEO is the acronym of “Search Engine Optimization”; the optimization of websites and pages for the search engines is one of the technical procedures to give natural visibility to a website and it’s mostly focused in internal optimizations or “on site” optimizations, in the code of the website.

SEO has become a part of SEM, that refers to “Search Engine Marketing” and includes all actions taken inside and outside of the website, always with the aim of improving the visibility and natural traffic from the search engines: link building, contacts and possible partners, spread of press releases and any kind of online communication related to paid or organic visibility on Search Engines.

Web Marketing includes both SEO and SEM but also Social Media Management, Online Reputation Management, Email marketing and Branding among many other strategies.

Google knows you, now you have to please him, SEO can help you!

When you create a new website, Google and the other search engines don’t know about its existence. The first step to take is to index your website into the search engines. The term “index” comes from the fact that search engines have their own “index” just like the index of a book or a simple phone list, then an indexed website is just whose existence is known by Google.

Usually “index” a website is easy, just create it and receive a couple of external links.

But often, if any other actions are taken, the website will be visible only in direct searches of its name or address (if it’s not too generic).


From this moment (even better before to put the site online) a SEO consultant can help you. BUT don’t expect miracles from SEO optimization, it won’t take website to the top of search engine results page but will help Google to understand better your contents and structures!!