Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Installation, setup and advanced configuration of Google Analytics and other integrated tracking and stats tools, to discover everything about your visitors.

Having a website and promote it isn’t enough, if you don’t correctly register and read the results. To do this we usually use Google Analytics, but in a different way than the other companies do: creating profiles, goals, automatic alerts and filters for traffic’s advanced segmentation.

Result: a Google Analytics account perfectly configured to track all the characteristics and activities of visitors, from Newsletter subscription to an online purchase.

The advanced statistics setting includes:

  • Setting of the Google Analytics options (Google Webmaster Tools data sharing, adding social profiles, advanced tracker setting  and in case of need connection with Google Adwords)
  • Definition of the website’s objectives (goals) and tracking
  • Definition of advanced segments (based on geographical location, referrers, visitor type, etc …)
  • Creation of scripts or specific urls for newsletter statistical tracking, advertising campaigns, material downloads, clicks, time spent in the page and other user actions on the website, depending on customer needs
  • Creation of automatic email alerts for the traffic, to be immediately notified in case of of sudden increases or decreases
  • Creation of automatic periodic reportsby email (daily, weekly or monthly)